First Real Scare

Today wasn’t a slow day at work, but I got distracted anyway.

I finally started looking up graduate school information. I started with a how to apply query on Google. One of the first links was from the American Historical Association. I stumbled onto a page that had all the doctoral history programs by state. So obviously, the first state I searched was California. It had quite a few programs.

It was a lot of good information. Too good actually, because soon enough I became afraid. The possibility of actually applying, getting accepted, quitting my job, moving, and starting became too real. While I was previously in a protective fog of ignorance, the path suddenly began to clear.

It reminded me of when I was going to get LASIK. I understood the general idea of it, but it wasn’t until I made the call to set up the orientation appointment that I became afraid.

This was the first time I was actually scared. So this must be the first real step. I’m starting down a dangerous road and I wanted to write about it.

Also, I’m less than 170 episodes from being current on the Nerdist podcast, so I searched the blog to find out when I started my Nerdist adventure, and I was disappointed to find out that my first brief mention of the Nerdist podcast was in mid May stating I starting it about 2 months ago. I was hoping for a more precise answer. I am looking forward to the point where I have been listening for a whole year, and for the point when I’m only a year behind. I’m on Christmas 2013, so I’m less than two months from being a year behind, and apparently 1 month away from listening to it for a whole year.

Man, I have some pretty simple goals sometimes.


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