The Toughest Client

My job isn’t that hard.

I work on the computer almost all day. My work involves making a lot of spreadsheets, writing up memos, and other documentation, like on pdfs. The real trick to the job is juggling all the work that is required, along with the deadlines. It’s a fairly easy job.

This week I’m starting on the toughest client of this season. What makes it tougher than the others is that it’s classified as a public entity, which doesn’t necessarily mean more testing, just more documentation. Also, what makes this documentation requirement tougher than regular documentation requirements, is that I don’t know what that required documentation is. This is my first public client and, of course, this is my first KPMG public client.

And, since this might be my last auditing season, this will probably be the toughest client of my career.

All, that being said. Once I’m finished with this client I only have three more clients to complete and that’s it. I’ll be done for busy season. Although, at KPMG, they expect us to work all year around. So bye bye summer.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay after the end of busy season. Although, if I stay until October, that’s when the bonuses are paid out. That should be at least $1,000. I don’t know.Maybe I’ll just start looking for a job after season. Meh, I’ll think about this in two or three months.


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