One and a Half Day

I have been sleepy lately.

I think I’m slightly anxious about this client. I’m not anxious enough to have it manifest itself in anyway, other than being sleepy. I also think that’s because the anxiousness is due to not really knowing what to do. More exactly, not knowing what is precisely needing. Working without a viable prior year, or any relevant, template is tougher than working on an existing client.

So I wake up early, and I turn over, not even seriously considering getting up. Because, what’s the alternative? Get up and wander around the eAudit file?

I also keep telling myself that I need to be rested to do all my work. It’s important! But then, I’m just as sleepy while I’m at work.

Maybe I need to trick myself into doing work. I wonder if I can get someone to tell me that I suck, or start a competition, with someone else, to finish their client first. Maybe it’s because I think that I have too much time on my hands. Even though this client will be tough, I don’t feel the pressure.

oh, the big boss lady wants me to call her everyday and give her a quick update on the audit. That seems like more of an annoyance than actual pressure. I understand keeping her updated. I’m a big fan of communication, but this seems like too much. I don’t know though. Maybe they’ll be quick calls and very helpful, at least assuring.

I don’t know. Let’s keep an open mind here guys.

ah, I’m getting sleepy.


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