Seeing the Tunnel

It feels like a long time since the last time I wrote, but its only been two weeks. I like that the most viewed of my blog posts, in the last two weeks, are the sexy ladies/boobs/navels posts.

Anyway, busy season is almost over. I can feel it. I have 15 days to get a majority of the audits out and then I’ll have a month to do two more audits. Today, I hit it hard. I’ll have to hit it hard for the next 15 days. I’ll need to eat better and get some good sleep, you know?

This is my last week in San Antonio. I kinda miss the family, but not really the office. Being out at the client teaches you to be independent. I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I think I’m a better auditor. Although, I have yet to be reviewed. I guess it’s possible I’ll be singing a different tune in a few days. But, let’s be positive. Busy season is a good time to grow. I’ll miss the growth the most.

One other thing that could turn out to be important. My friend was looking for government jobs on and took some time to search for auditor positions. She emailed me about job openings she found at the Department of Defense for a contract auditor. I looked up the position listings and noticed it was a similar position to the one for which I applied last year around this time. It’s was almost the exact same listing, but its in the bay area instead of the LA area.

I applied that night.

The job listing is supposed to close on the 18th. Like I said, last year I applied to a similar job around the same time. The job posting window closed around the same time, but they didn’t get back to me until mid-June. I had a phone interview with them some time in July and then I was asked to have a background check. I didn’t follow-up with that very well and I kinda let that fall to the waist side. I wasn’t told I didn’t get the position until about a month ago. So, I don’t expect to hear back from this application any time soon.

Alright, time to get some of that sleep I talked about earlier.


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