Interesting Friday

I made one bad decision yesterday that snowballed into a lot of problems.

We were out at the client’s office last week and we wanted to leave early on Friday. I was driving back, so it didn’t really matter when I left. My associate had a flight at 3pm. But by Thursday we were tired and decided to go home earlier. Friday morning I decided to leave early and my associate agreed to go to the airport and try to catch an earlier flight. So we left the client’s office at 11:3o.

I drop my associate off at the airport, which is only about 10 mins away. I check my work email as I’m leaving the airport and I see an email from my manager saying that we need to do a list of things for another client. I end up emailing the associate who’s working on that client with me and she’s really busy. I ended up having to find a Starbucks to try to do some work. About any hour later, after some traffic, I find a Starbucks.

I’m really hungry, because it’s like 1pm by now, but I ended up ordering a coffee. I log into my work computer and check my email. My bossman had sent me an urgent email saying that we’re having this problem with the most important metric on the San Antonio client. He wants me to run some numbers and see this and that. I want to run the numbers, but the number running information is on my associate’s computer. Luckily, her flight was delayed and she had time to run the numbers.

She runs the numbers. I end up working on the items from the initial email. I’m done around 2:30pm. By that time, it started raining. It rained the entire way to Dallas. It was mentally taxing. I was incredibly tired when I arrived. Tired and so hungry.

Now it definitely feels like I’m running out of time. There are 10 days left and I’ll be spending most of today sleepy.


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