A Bad Lunch

I wasn’t feeling well today.

I woke up early, around 6am, but decided it wasn’t worth going in to work early, since my meeting with the team wasn’t until 9:30am. That turned out to be my only good idea of the day.

The meeting happened and there was a ton of work to do. I had to do the second hardest part, which was only fair. It was the tax part. I don’t like taxes. That’s why I don’t do taxes. So I’m powering through it all morning and then come lunch time. I wasn’t in the mood, so the when the co-workers came around and asked if I wanted to go to some underground shops. I said yes, but that’s when I realized we were going to the salad place.

Normally, I would bail and go to uncle ubers or something, but I didn’t have the strength. I ended up getting a salad warp. It was just as bad as a salad. We took it back and ate at our desks. It was sad. That alone is sad, but it gets worse.

While I was in line, I checked my email. I received a nice rejection email from the department of defense position I applied for two weeks ago.

It all sank in, while I was eating the salad wrap.

It was the saddest point in my life, since I was rejected from all those auditing positions while I was in grad school at SMU.

Now the question is what to do? Leave things the way they are? Stay at the KPMG? Try again? Leave to California anyway? Who knows? I could die tomorrow, then all the worry was for naught.

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