The Fine Weekend

This weekend would have been great if I didn’t have to work.

Saturday I watched some football with my dad. We watched the Real Madrid game. It was exciting enough, but not once during that game did I get the feeling that the other team would win. That’s the problem with La Liga. After the game, I ran errands with my sister and we had lunch. We came back to the house and it was around 2pm, so I decided to take a nap. I woke up and it was 5pm. I got some exciting news while I was asleep. It was my cousin’s birthday and the party was at 6:30pm.

The sticky point was that I needed to get some work done. I had been putting it off all day. So I logged in and the computer was not at all cooperative. I went through my emails and I figured I could get some work done in that hour and a half. All I wanted to do was delete a file and replace it with another. The auditing software we work on was being a pure pain. It would let me get a few actions/screens in and then crash. It would crash consistently. Deleting a file and replacing it took a whole hour.

Anyway, the party was good. I liked it. Man, everyone is getting so old. I came back from the party and SNL was on. It was a meh episode, but the sleep I had after was nice.

I woke up early on Sunday and got ready for the Manchester United vs. Manchester City game. I went to go watch the game with the other Manchester United fans. What a game! One of the best I’ve seen. I can’t say enough about it, so I won’t say anything else. I came back to the house and started working. I hoped the computer wouldn’t be an issue. It wasn’t. I was online from 1pm to 9pm, and worked sporadically. I watched some Silicon Valley and Mad Men.

That was it. That was my weekend. Like I said, the only rough part of the weekend was the working. It really put a damper on my relaxation.

The last two years, I would be counting down the weekends that were left to work. There would only be about 3 left. Now, I’m not so sure. I don’t see an end to the weekends of work.

Which is too bad, because I want to go for jogs, finish playing Pokemon, and mess with my Yugioh cards without guilt. I want to read a book. I want to pick up a new hobby. There are languages to be learned and things to do!

Four months without free time is tough. I’m picking off random moments of spare time to piece together some free time. It makes things just, fine.

I’m tired of that.


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