The Toughest Week

Last week was the toughest week.

I remember trying to take the entire weekend off, but I ended up working Sunday. That was the start of the toughest week. In retrospect, Monday wasn’t too bad. The thing was, I was so tired that I got a headache some time before lunch. Usually, the headache doesn’t come until around 5 or 6pm, but since I had been working so much it came much earlier. It was a solid 12 hour day.

Tuesday was the worst. I want to say I had an inclination that the day would run long, an that’s why I waited until 9am to get to work. I stayed until 2am that day.

By that day, I was feeling buzzed. The last couple of days were a blur. I remember feeling the way I felt when I drove from LA to Dallas without stopping a few months ago. Dizzy. I was getting weird chest pains too. I used to get chest pains back in high school and I ended up going to the doctor. They told me the pains weren’t heart related and they were just chest muscle spasms. I was hoping the pains I was feeling were similar. There was no time to go to a doctor.

Wednesday wasn’t too bad. I arrived around 10pm and by mid day it was almost assured that we were going to meet the deadline, without much remaining help from me. That made my day a lot less stressful. But I was still burned out from the two previous days. Thursday and Friday were a lot slower and easier. I didn’t really get a chance to relax until Saturday.

The awful combination of work, stress, and lack of exercise for such an extended period of time made this the worst work week ever.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The hard part was supposed to be over by now.

The strange part was that looking back on those days. I almost liked it.


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