Three Day Mark

The last two years May 1st marked the end of busy season.

Our final regulatory deadline was April 30th, so we would get May 1st off and have a 3 day weekend. It would be a fitting break, considering we wouldn’t have had two consecutive days off all busy season.

For three days I’ve done no work. Friday was relaxing. Saturday time was slightly overwhelming. Sunday, today, time was sliding away. I wanted more. I wonder how much I’ll have to work this coming week.

It was a pretty eventful weekend. Avengers on Friday, nap, then a jog, and wings/beer. Saturday, Manchester United lost, then Avengers again, my cousin’s birthday party, and SNL/the fight! Sunday, Mad Men, jog, and wings/beer again.

I’ve been coughing for days. Beer. I had some Friday afternoon and it didn’t taste as good. I hope it’s the coughing and not me getting over beer. That would be sad. I like beer.

Looking back at this post, I could have swore I’d have more to say. Maybe it’ll just pour out of me in the coming weeks.

I’m going to try to write everyday.


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