Work Three Hours

I woke up.

I felt awful. I snoozed the alarm and woke up later. It was 8am at that point and I would be stuck in traffic I tried to make it to the office before 9am. So I watched another episode of Mad Men. I had a bit more free time, so I ended up showering and shaving.

I didn’t feel any better.

I arrived at the office around 10am and tried to pull myself together. Apparently, we were going to go to a special lunch at 11am. That only gave me an hour to do things.

Lunch was about how my boss is leaving. It was a lot of don’t worry about it talking. I’m not great at those talks because I like time to process information. Also, most people ask small questions, like about money, or what client’s they’ll work on, but I guess they need time to process information too. I suppose that’s better than silence.

Because lunch was so eventful, I made it back to the office a bit before 1pm. I had a meeting at 2pm and a phone call meeting at 2:30pm. I made it until 3:30pm, then I had to go home. I was getting dizzy.

I didn’t feel any better about at the house.

I tried to work from home, but the screen made me dizzy. I feel asleep. Going outside was nice. The fresh air helped me breathe.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I’ll need to get in a solid 10-12 hour day to make up the hours.


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