Peek the Two Roads

The main boss man is quitting.

Apparently, there is a 6 month period where they can keep him after he decides he wants to resign. People are saying that KPMG hasn’t decided how long in that 6 month period to keep him.

The main boss man is going to another firm.

People in our group have been talking about whether we’re staying at KPMG or not. I’m not planning on staying. But this does bring up the possibility of going to that firm too. While an immediate boss man and I were talking through that possibility, the vision of a possible future became clear.

That firm is up in the north part of town. It would suck to have to drive there everyday. He told me houses in Farmer’s Branch were around 120k. I did some research later and he’s right! So with, houses at 120k, I might as well buy one and live close by, if I got a job somewhere up there. But if I buy a house, then I should stay at that job for about 2 or 3 years right? My that point I should be up to manager. I better be sure I like what I’m doing.

With a house, I’ll basically be an adult. That is a definitive future. And, if I lock down these next three years with a steady job and a house, then it’ll be tough to pick up and move. How will I get to California then?

Also, if one of the best advantages of being in Dallas was that I was saving all this money by living with my parents, then I end up using the money I saved to buy a house and lock myself down with that, then that’s it. I’m back to square one in terms of moving to California. I guess the only difference will be that I have a house, and that I’ll hopefully be a manager.

Although, the last time I thought about, I wanted to be partner. Will it be harder to be partner if I keep switching firms? I would think it would.

Flip side, while I can lock myself down with these option for my future, the California option is still so unclear. Anything could happen. I could get a great job and a great firm, or with a shitty firm, or with a meh firm. I could burn through all my savings and, if I have a crappy job, come crawling back to Dallas like a chump. I could get a great job, enjoy life, and become a partner at a great firm. Anything from anywhere in between could happen.

So it’ll come down to two paths, the relatively safe option or the high risk / high reward option.


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