Summer Saturdays

When I was a kid, Saturday morning used to be for cartoons.

I remember there being a lot of cartoons, but the ones I remember the most are Pokemon, Digimon, and Yugioh. I remember some random shows, like Fighting Foodons, Shaman King, and I want to say Power Rangers, but those first three were definitely the ones that stuck in my head. Actually, I remember waking up really early to watch some cartoons at started around 6am on ABC. They were Disney related i.e. Mickey Mouse and such.

Anyway, I would watch those shows Saturdays. I think I watched them without fail until I was in high school. It must have been around sophomore or junior year that I stopped watching them. I would sleep through most of them. I might have woken up in time for Yugioh at 10am. I remember being really drowsy in class those years, especially after lunch, so by those days, I needed more sleep.

It was the same during college. I needed more sleep, especially since I assume I did stuff Friday night. I’ve actually been having trouble remember what I did those weekends that freshman year when I didn’t have a car yet. Either way, I didn’t catch those shows Saturday mornings. I specifically remember catching a Yugioh episode senior year of college, and thinking, what the hell is going on? I don’t remember any of these characters.

That was around the time I regularly started watching the Premier League on Saturday mornings. I actually started watching the Champions League games first, since they happened during the week, between classes. By the time I came back to Dallas for graduate school, I was watching football regularly on Saturday mornings.

That kinda leads me to now. All the Saturday morning cartoons/shows are off regular television. I would have go out of my way to look for any Pokemon, Digimon, or Yugioh. Some times I watch an old episode, but it’s been a while since I have. The football season is over too, so I woke up almost a little lost. The morning was full of possibilities, but I missed my regular schedule.

Maybe I was just a bit nostalgic this morning and I realized it was one of the longest possible times before more football.


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