Pre Vacation Days

It’s hard to concentrate when vacation is approaching.

I found it hard to wake up with my alarm today. I even found it hard to get up an hour later and log in to do some work from home, and avoid traffic. I watched some Netflix instead and got in around 9:30am. I needed to work about 10 hours today, so I worked until about 40 minutes ago. It was a log day and I need another one tomorrow.

Still, it’s hard to concentrate. There are things I need to get done before I leave, but since I’ll be gone for like 10 days, some one else will have to take care of it. It sucks, but it’s true.

Along with pre-vacation brain, I’m getting pre-quitting brain. I want to do everything according to the rules and policies, but what are the consequences? This isn’t going to follow me when I quit. The constant thinking of quitting, has me way more comfortable with the idea of quitting.

It also helps that I’m liking the idea of driving around the United States between the time I quit and the time I find my next job. I’m going to be a wanderer. Who knows where I’ll end up! I’m excited.

The only thing stopping me is a few old jobs and all the work I’m doing this week sucks, but is closing them up. By the end of the week, or by the time I come back, I’ll only have 1 job to finish and that shouldn’t take more than a week. That means I can give my two weeks around the second week of July. Hopefully, I can leave immediately. I don’t to wait around 2 weeks. Maybe just a one week notice will suffice?


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