Last Happy Hour

June 30th snuck/sneaked up on me.

The last two years the company a big happy hour on June 30th to celebrate the official end of busy season. There was also a happy hour on April 30th to celebrate the unofficial end of busy season, but the June happy hour is the super official end of busy season. That said, I didn’t go to the one last year because I was in Brasil. I’m not sure if I went to the one two years ago. I completely forgot about it this year, so when I showed up to work I was pleasantly surprised.

The happy hour at the usual place. I think we only went to a different place twice. Either way, I’ve gone to a few of the happy hours. I would say probably 60% or 70%. I’ve had some good experiences at those happy hours. That’s were I met my current boss man for the first time. That time when I met him, he had just gotten married and his wife had just gotten pregnant. Now he has two kiddos. That’s where two of my seniors got into an argument that over me. They said I was the best and were trying to decide who would have me first. I had some solid conversations at those happy hours.

Since this was the official end of busy season happy hour, it started at 1pm. It was relatively early for a happy hour and also close to lunch time. We decided to go to lunch and then straight to the happy hour. So I started drinking at lunch. Then I went over to the happy hour and drank too.

The partner went to the happy hour for a while. He was the only team member I hadn’t told about my new job, but he had lunch with the managers earlier that day. It turned out they told him, so when he first saw me he came over and congratulated me.

It was a good time.

And that was the last company happy hour I attended.


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