Time is Creeping

When I got the job two weeks ago, I had nine weeks until I started the new job.

I thought to myself, “nine weeks is a long time to do everything I have to do“. It seemed like plenty of time to finish what I was working on, quit, drive out there, find an apartment, move my stuff, and get set up.

Today the movers called me. I was at the movies, but they left a voicemail. They want to go over the logistics of the move. I’ll need to tell them that I don’t have any of the logistics settled. The only thing I know is that I’m leaving Dallas the week of August 9th and that my first day is August 31st and that I was hoping to be settled in by August 24th. I guess that gives me a two week period to find a place after I leave Dallas.

Either way, today felt like time was creeping up on me. But, I suppose that makes sense. Almost a quarter of my available time has left me.

Hey, on the flip side. I still have like 50 days until I start my new job.

Actually, that made it sound worse.


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