Picking the Time

My father used to take me to the movies up in north Dallas.

It would take about 40 minutes to get there from our house, but once we got there it was always worth it. It was kinda the opposite of going to Mexico, where the trip was really long but not worth it.

Anyway, I never knew when the last time we would go to the movies was. We just never went back. So, I can’t remember what was the last movie we saw up there. It would have been nice to know when the last time was, while it was happening.

Since I know I’m leaving the week of the 9th, I can pick my last times for a lot of things. I can pick the last time I go to Uncle Ubers. I can pick the last lunch with the co-workers and by extension the last time I see them. I can pick the last time I hang out with my cousins. I can pick all that stuff.

That will be nice. In times of changes, it’s cool to have some control over something, over anything.

I have a feeling that a lot of my important moments will revolve around eating.

Hey, I ended up making a solid calendar and a solid list of things to do before I leave.

That made me more comfortable. Man, I leave in four weeks. Writing that made me less comfortable. I think I’ll feel better in the morning and after I knock a couple of things off my list.


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