The Kiddo Conversation

Yesterday, Pops and I were talking after he came home.

I had added the old Camaro to my insurance policy and had an article open about the best colleges of 2015 according to The second college on the list was Babson college, which is one of the places I was accepted to back in 2007. Apparently, it’s still a good school.

I told him about the article. I also told him I wasn’t looking forward to having kids. College is expensive. He said that’s how life is. Once you make more money, things get more expensive, which is true. My income should increase beyond the increase of college.

Then I told him rich kids usually end up spoiled. Pops said kids are like sponges and they pick up on stuff you do. All you have to do is spend time them. But I wonder if I’ll have the time. Isn’t that the trade off for money?

I didn’t prompt him after that, yet he started talking openly about kids. He explained how they make you do things you never thought you would do. How you become less selfish. How they sometimes give you almost superhuman strength. How they’re basically amazing and how they make life worth living.

All of it was stuff I agreed with, but I was a little sad that I didn’t have that feeling. That want to have kids.

Another thing was when he said they put you in a good mood and make you not want to yell at them. Most of my earliest memories of Pops are angry or yelling. My early childhood memories of Pops are a collection of yelling, one parent-teacher conference, going to the movies, and going to mass on Sundays. There are also flashes of us watching TV.

There must have been a ton of times when I was walking/running around being dumb and he didn’t yell at me. I just don’t remember them.


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