It Pays Off

I forgot about something yesterday.

The last couple of weeks, maybe months, I have been working out, but although I got better at them I didn’t know if that stuff translated into real world strength/endurance. Then last weekend, when I was moving and doing stuff, I was able to do it.

Nothing was too heavy. Carrying things wasn’t too tiring. I felt tired, but after I slept it off, I was alright.

I guess I didn’t notice I was better, physically, until I had a real world challenge, since in the real world no one ever asks you to two 2 sets of 10 reps of 15lb weights.

I was pretty good about consistently working out this summer.

I have been pretty bad about continuing the Portuguese lessons. I wanted to continue it in August, after I returned from Brasil and took a little break, but it’s been a year and I haven’t done a lesson.

It’s easy to not do things. I don’t notice how easy it is, but I always end up regretting. Then some times I look back at all the stuff I was doing, instead of doing what I wanted, and then I really regret it.

Hopefully, one day, I’ll grow up and stop the random napping and constant Netflix watching. By then let’s hope it wasn’t too late.


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