Birthday 26

It was my birthday yesterday.

I want to say it was a typical birthday. That’s mostly because I can’t remember what I do on most birthdays. Writing this should solve that problem for next year. Maybe I wrote down what I did last year on here. I could check, but that would ruin the mystery.

Anyway, I woke and lounged around. I wanted to go for a hike early, but I ended up mindlessly googling things online for too long. Because I took so long, I received a call before I left.

I had gone to the doctor the day before, because I hadn’t gone to the doctor for a check up in at least 10 years. I fasted so the doctor could request blood tests. He did tell me to go to the lab so they could take my blood for the tests. The doctor said I would get the results around the end of the week, so I wasn’t expecting a call the next day.

He told me some stuff was good but that my cholesterol and my triglycerides were high. He didn’t give me any numbers but wanted to give me some more information. He asked if I wanted it over the phone or in person. I’m not working right now, so I asked to come in. I’ll see him on Friday.

High cholesterol.

And on my birthday.

So, I did go for a hike after the phone call. I hiked into the Santa Monica mountains. I walked for about an hour on the main trail. Then I took a smaller trail to get to the top of the hill/mountain thing. That took about 30 minutes. I enjoyed the view and the peacefulness and then descended.

On the way down, my phone rang. Surely it couldn’t be the doctor with worse news. It wasn’t. It was the movers. They were at my apartment. I was in the middle of some hills and the call was breaking up. I yelled at them, “I’ll be there in 30 minutes!”

I ran back to my car. Well it was a combination of running and walking while wheezing. I did make it back to my place in 30 minutes. The movers weren’t there and then I thought I heard them say they would be there at noon. So I waited for 20 minutes, until noon, and they arrived.

They dropped off all my stuff fairly quickly. We talked about fantasy football, we signed a lot of papers, and they left.

I had been letting a lot of things pile up. Unpacking was one more thing on my list of things to do, so I decided to go to the movies and avoid everything.  I watched American Ultra. It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t too memorable. After that, I continued my procrastination and took a nap.

*I was writing this on my phone and it posted without my noticing. I didn’t bother to go back and edit it until 4 days later. Big mistake. I don’t remember my train of thought.*


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