End of Summer

I start work tomorrow.

I guess for me it’s the unofficial end of the summer. It’s probably a good time to look back at my time from let’s say June until today. So, obvious stuff first. I came to my cousin’s wedding, interviewed, and got a job. That was a pretty eventful June. In July, I worked on more month for my old company, found a place to live, and quit my job.

August was my one month with no work. I moved some stuff the first weekend in August. I went to another wedding during the second weekend. I took care of some loose ends the first week and planned my road trip. The second week was great. It was the road trip week. Week three was a lazy week here in California. I lounged around most days, napped, and watched Netflix. The fourth week was much the same.

In that time I did manage to finish my move, get things rolling for my first day of work, set-up two fantasy football leagues, finish a book, and work out a bit. But I also found out I had high cholesterol, half finish another book, got sunburned, and effectively ran out of money.

And that was it. That was my summer. It was definitely memorable. Actually, so was the last one. I don’t think the one before that was memorable. Maybe I just went to Mexico and hung out at work. Hopefully the next one is memorable, because I have some Eurocup tickets and I’m excited to go to Europe for the first time.

Oh, there’s another thing I skipped out on this summer. I didn’t start my French lessons. I think I will start tomorrow though. It’s almost never too late to start something. You usually have time to correct your mistakes.


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