Day 1 & 2

Both days went well.

Although, I felt different at the end of both days. At the end of the first day, I felt a little sad. The day went as I expected. It was a lot of administrative company stuff, like getting my computer, logging in, and doing some typical trainings (harassment, IT security, and independence). The highlight of the day was lunch. I went out with my assigned buddy and we had a good talk. It was nice to get some first hand experience. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. So it was strange that I felt a little sad at the end of the day.

I think it was just nostalgia. I missed the old company. Err, I missed the people and the times I had at the old company. Some of that nostalgia was probably triggered by the familiarities in the companies. It was a weird end of the day.

The things I did today were similar to yesterday. I meet some people, did some trainings, and went out to lunch with another assigned person. That person was really nice and helpful. They were also going to conduct my training that afternoon and it turned out that they were very knowledgeable. I was glad there were cool smart people in my group.

At the end of today I didn’t feel sad. I actually felt hopeful and optimistic. I’m looking forward to the challenge of these new (to me) clients. I’m looking forward to meeting these new people and I’m looking forward to the experiences I’ll gain.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I with hard work and dedication I really think I can succeed and be happy.


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