NYC Again

Last weekend I went to New York City to see some old friends.

The trip came about because my old high school friend and college roommate invited me to the US Open. I agreed to go and planned a weekend around it. I left Thursday. It took all day to get there because the flight was 6 hours and there is a 3 hour time difference. That’s not including the time it takes to get to and from the airport. Regardless, all of that travel time was worth it because I got to see my old friends.

My old roommate picked me up from the airport. He was about an hour late, but it was alright. We didn’t have anything planned. He took me to Coney Island after he picked me up. It was a carnival on the shore. It was pretty cool. Friday we went to Manhattan. We went to central park, the central park zoo, and the MET museum. It was a large museum and super fascinating. After that, we had some food and hung out at a local bar.

Once I started talking to him, I realized he hadn’t changed much from the last time I saw him. His words, tone, and mannerisms were the same. He was older now. It had been 4 years since I last saw him. Life didn’t turn out the way he expected it would all those years ago, but he was hopeful. He had renewed goals. He had determination. He wasn’t successful, but he was stronger.

It was comforting to see he hadn’t changed. My birthday had just passed and I was beginning to feel old.

Saturday we played some tennis early in the morning. It was a tough experience. I forgot how demanding that was. It took about 45 minutes to find it enjoyable again, but once I did, I missed it. After that, I showered and we got some lunch. Since we were close to Brooklyn’s Chinatown, we got some authentic Chinese food. I sure can’t spell it, so I won’t try.

Then we went to Williamsburg to meet up with another old friend of mine. He was someone I met at my second HACU orientation. The exact date is known because it was during the early days of my blog. I was writing once a day then. I think I remember writing a post the night I met him.

He hadn’t changed much either. Talking to him at second lunch and throughout the day made me realize how little I knew of him when we parted ways 3 years ago. Although, finding out all those new things about him helped me realize what a cool person he is. I made a right choice in picking a friend.

That day we went to the US Open. We saw parts of some good tennis matches and a full match at the big Arthur Ashe stadium. I also got to ride the subway all the way to the end of the line in Queens and I made a whole bunch of transfers. It was a great experience.

Sunday was a fairly easy day. We took a quick trip to Manhattan for some cookies and then went to the airport. With the time difference, I arrived in California during the late afternoon.

I wonder when I’ll see them again. Hopefully it doesn’t take 3 or 4 years again. Those are some pretty cool guys.


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