Sports Sundays

Yesterday I missed Dallas for the first time.

Manchester United was playing Liverpool on Saturday morning. This was the first big game that was not unreasonably early, so I decided to go to where the LA Reds hang out to watch the game. It wasn’t too tough to find and the place was nice and everything, but I missed Vickery Park in Dallas. I missed my buddy, the food, and the atmosphere.

This place didn’t look like it had the best food. Also, what threw me off the most was that it had a banner up that said it was an official Manchester City pub. I found it odd that the Manchester United group couldn’t find it’s own place, but hey, maybe that’s how it is here. Maybe there are more City fans than United fans. There were also quite a few Liverpool fans watching the game as well as random Real Madrid fans. I guess I was just used to the homogeneous crowd in Dallas.

Today, Sunday, was strange too. It was the first week of the NFL and the games on broadcast TV were awful. It was the Houston and KC game, which I don’t know why it was highlighted in this market, as the only 10am (Dallas noon) game. From back in Dallas, I’m used to having two choices for the first game. The second games at 1:30pm were San Diego vs Detroit, which I understand because we’re kinda close to San Diego and the Denver vs Baltimore game, which was probably on because it was the biggest afternoon game. Either way, I’m not used to seeing those teams play and having limited options. It was rather disappointed and a bit confusing.

At least the Cowboys were on the Sunday night game, which is only in the late afternoon here. The game was on for an hour with the sun up, but it did end at a convenient almost 9pm. That was a pleasant surprise.

I’m hoping I get used to this stuff.

I think I’ll try the LA Reds place a few more times, preferably on a lesser known game and maybe even an early one. That should get me a better feel for the place. The NFL games will take a while to get used to, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it at some point.


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