Compton Times

My client this week is in Compton.

It’s a school and there’s a hospital right in front of it. Both look really nice. Monday we went to the hospital for lunch, because hospital food is delicious right?

I was wearing a white shirt with a red tie. We walked over and had lunch. On the way back, while we were crossing the street a white car stopped at the light and yelled something at my coworkers and I. The only word I heard was “tie”. My coworkers didn’t make out any of the words. Anyway, he also honked at us, three times I think, while we were halfway. When we were almost done crossing the street I looked back and he was still talking.

I went back and thought about what happened. In about two hours, I decided this guy was talking to me. It was because my tie was red. This was possibly gang related and he was aggressive telling me to take it off. This was as aggressive as he could be without getting out of the car. With purely circumstantial evidence, I decided this was the case.

After I thought I had settled the situation, another thought popped into my head. What if this guy wasn’t being aggressive towards me? What if he was trying to be a good Samaritan and advising me to take off my tie so I wouldn’t get harassed in a gang related situation? Maybe he was doing me a favor.

Looking about both possible options, I realized this was one of those times where I could decide what kind of perception of the world I want to have. Do I think this was a good guy trying to do right, or was this a bad man?

I choose good.


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