Towards Van Nuys

The drive this week has been a lot easier.

Last week the drive was 37ish miles and would take an hour and 15 minutes in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. This week it’s less than 10 miles and the drive has been about 30 minutes each way. I’ve had a bit more extra time on my hands. More time for sleeping I suppose.

It’s funny. I seem to be more tired now, when I have more available time, than last week, when I had less time. I don’t remember being tired at all. This week I’ve dosed off a bit at times during the day. That didn’t happen last week. Last week I was on point. I was up early, worked hard, and sleep only a bit. Most importantly, I didn’t feel tired.

I think the client next week is a bit farther. It’ll be back to around an hour again. I should enjoy this while I can, but I’m so sleepy.



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