My Dream Girls

this week all of my dreams were girl centric.

bothering me because I don’t like girls, like, like like girls.  feel attraction to some at random points in time, but that’s about it.

The first couple of days the  girls that were the focus of my dreams were some that I knew in high school. We weren’t doing anything. We were just hanging out. I didn’t like them in the dream. At least it didn’t feel that way.

The weird part was that I hadn’t thought about them in years. How did they sneak into my dreams?

I didn’t like that. I don’t want to think about people I don’t know anymore. I have closure with those past friendships. I don’t need to waste my time thinking about them. Scratch that. I don’t need to waste my valuable dreaming time thinking about them.

Around the end of the week, I noticed my morning commute was probably to blame. The last few weeks my commute was all highway, but this week I was driving by a lot of high schools. Crowds of high school kids would cross the street while I was stopped at red lights. Maybe that subconsciously triggered memories.

It doesn’t help that a while ago I think I reached the point in life where everyone I meet looks like someone I have already known.

Last night was a little different. It was still a girl centric dream, but this time I didn’t know her. This time I did like her though.

For this one, I blame TV. I was watching the Mindy Project yesterday and it was all gross and lovely-dovey. I didn’t care for that aspect of the show and it probably burrowed that idea into my head for the night.

Man, I hadn’t really thought about girls in a while. It’s been a long while actually. I would almost say that every year I get further and further away from girls and become more independent. Oh, how I do love my independence.

Anyway, I hope tomorrow is different. I want to go back to having my easily forgettable random vivid dreams.


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