Shouldering the Weight

I had a surprising day on Monday.

The novelty of moving to California wore off about 3 weeks ago. I caught myself starting to think about my next career steps and about when I was going to leave California. After thinking about these things for 2 weeks, I felt like my life was only a series of boxes I needed to check. I wasn’t enjoying myself.

Then Monday happened. I wasn’t going to go to the office, but I went around lunch time. I met a few people while I was there. They were nice. It had been a while since I met work people. I almost missed meeting new people. I got some work done, so that was cool too.

Then, finally, the weather was perfect. It was literally perfect.

I was lost in the moment on the walk home. I forgot all about any boxes on a list and was happy.

The rest of the week hasn’t entirely felt that way, but it’s been closer to that feeling than the previous feeling.

I hope i can hang on to that feeling.

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