Two No Go-es

There were two chances to be social able this week.

On the first chance, I gave it a good shot but I blew it. On the second chance, I passed.

On Tuesday, I went to the office to have lunch with a new hire. I actually made it to the office about 30 minutes early. I took that time to talk to the secretary so she could reserve me work space. At first, she put in a an office and about 2 minutes after I had set up my computer, she called me on the desk’s phone and told me I had to move. She took me from the office and put in a cubicle. I unpacked and ran over to the lobby because it was 11am and time to meet the new hire.

I waited in the lobby because I could keep an eye on the conference room from there. There was a stack of newspapers on the table so I began to flip through them while I waited. Five minutes into my wait and I saw someone leave the conference room. I remembered him. It was the IT guy.

There’s one important thing to note at this point. It wasn’t just me taking the new hire to lunch. There was another senior associate who was copies on the lunch invitation emails. It didn’t occur to me to reach out to her though. She hadn’t reached out to me so I just assumed that she was going to follow my plan and wait in the lobby.

Once I saw the IT guy leave the conference room, I thought about going in there and checking to see if the new hire was ready for lunch, but I needed to wait for the other senior associate as well. I was a bit stuck, so I decided to continue waiting in the lobby.

Another five minutes passed and nothing happened. A little less than five minutes late, a big group of people emerged from the hall and talked about where they were going to lunch as they walked past me and towards the elevator. I saw someone peek into the conference room and heard them say there was still a staff in there. Since the other senior had not arrived, I decided to continue waiting.

Nothing else happened for 15 minutes. At this point it was 11:30. I was hungry, and I mustered the courage to peek into the conference room myself. There was no one in the conference room.

So, I went back to my cubicle and emailed the other senior associate. She wrote back tome around noon. She had taken the new hire to lunch. I was relieved. At least someone had taken her.

The new hire must have left the conference room before I arrived at the lobby. Or more likely, she probably left the conference room when the big group of people emerged from the hall. I must have misheard what the person who peeked into the conference room said.

I should have contacted the other senior before lunch. Then there would have been two of us to keep track of the new hire. I should have stuck my head in the conference room sooner. oh, the list of things I should have done . . . I suppose this was slightly my fault.

The second chance is a lot simpler to explain. There was a company event tonight. It was a Halloween costume party. I didn’t go. I really thought about going and up until yesterday morning, I was going to go. I was thinking about costume ideas. I was going to put gas in the car, because I was running low on gas. I was mentally psyching myself up.

Then I changed my mind. Honestly looking back on it, you know what it was? It was the thing that happened on Tuesday. I’m not the type of person who can consistently put themselves out there like that. I’m more of sporadic, put-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket, ok, that’s enough I’ll try it again in a couple of months, type of guy.

It would have been different if I knew some people at the party, but out of about 100 people at the office, I would have know about 3. Who’s to say those 3 people would have even gone, not that all 100 would go, but I’m really more concerned about getting to better know those 3 people than meeting some more of the 100.

I know it should probably be the other way around, but that’s not the type of person I am. I am the type of person who has a small group of good friends. When I go out with friends, I like to keep it low key. These types of parties aren’t for me. Or, if I was going to go to a party, I would need to go with some friends. From my perspective, this Halloween costume party had a lot of cons and not a lot of pros going for it, so I passed.

That was it. Those were my two sociable moments for the week.

I want to note that I was very close to finishing this post, but my roommate had a foot in destroying it. It was written way better than what I wrote above. Same story, just better pacing and more exciting words and sentence structure. I’m disappointed for losing it.


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