Teaching at Work

This week I had a staff to help me with my client.

The staff didn’t have a lot experience auditing the type of client I was auditing. She had audited employee benefit plans and this was different. This was a service providing for-profit company. This meant she had a lot of questions on what we were doing. She kind of had to relearn a few things.

It had been a while since I worked with a staff. Well actually, the last time a staff worked with me was in May. I guess it just feels like a long time. Either way, I forgot what it was like to explain things to someone else.

There are lot of aspects to my job and I like teaching the associates. It’s nice to impart knowledge to someone else. It’s also nice to tackle problems together and have someone with whom to work through things. The problem is that it sometimes interferes with the other aspects to my job, especially the doing work part.

It should work out in the end though. Teaching the associates is a natural progression of my career. It’s supposed to go like this: learn the work and clients, teach the work to others, manage the work and clients, and go get new clients and new work. I’m just working moving on up to the second part of that progression.

Yea, that’s it.

I don’t have a staff this week, so I better get all my work done.

oh, then next week I return to the construction client to do their year-end audit. I’m nervous and excited about that. I’m really looking forward to it. I believe there will be two associates with me for that client. That’ll be double teaching. It’ll speed up my progression, I suppose.


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