The First Cold

It’s been a strange couple of days in LA.

It was hot this weekend. It got up to the low 80s. Then the temperature dropped Sunday night. It’s been cool since then.  It rained a bit too. The rain produced a really strong rainbow. The brightest/clearest rainbow I had seen. It was impressive.

These two cool days have felt weird. It’s been hot/warm since I arrived. I guess was under the impression that it wouldn’t get cold in LA.

Either way, it’s been a pleasant surprise because this makes it way more comfortable to wear ties and blazers. Since the it was supposed to rain, I opted for the blazers these last two days. It ended up being a good idea because it was drizzling on my walk back from the office.

Today was fun. I went to the office to get some work done. I was planning on leaving around 11:30am so I could come home and watch the Manchester United Champions League game. As I turned off my computer, and stood up to begin to pack, a partner in the office walked by and asked if I was going to lunch. I said yes and he invited me to lunch. He also invited another partner and senior that was around. We ended up going to lunch and had a pretty good time.

I was so close to missing that experience. Some times it scares me when I think about how easy it is to take another path in life.

That last line was a nice wrap up to the post, but I also want to mention that Daylight Savings time ended last weekend. I HATE Daylight Savings time. Err, I hate the constant hour shifting. It’s so aggravating to have to change my sleep schedule. The least society should do is pick a time and stick with it. The best thing society could do is get rid of time zones. Let’s just have one global time. It would simplify so much of life, especially business life.


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