The New Guy

This week there was a new hire on my engagement.

He had been on the job for a week. He was in training for a few days on his first week and he was shadowing a team the remaining days of the week. He was straight out of school and had no prior experience.

Things went well with him. Part of my job is explaining/training the new staff and it’s quite enjoyable most times. It takes a while, but it’s fun to see how the staff thinks. Side note: out of the 4ish staffs I’ve trained, only has listened more than talked/interrupted me.

This staff was fine. He listened a fair amount. He had some trouble understanding at times, but I saw some growth. At that point, it’s really the only thing you can expect. Growth. Improvement. The capacity to learn.

I have trained/talked to a couple of new staff, but this time it felt different. This time I finally felt old. This guy was only a few years, I think it was 2 years, older than  me, but somehow, I felt so far removed from him. Maybe it was because I had more audit experience, or maybe more life experience. Either way, it definitely felt weird and I don’t think it’ll ever go back to feeling not-weird, but maybe that’s a good thing.

It did help that the manager was explaining/teaching the staff and had the same trouble getting him to understand. That meant the staff was having the learning issues, and my teaching wasn’t the problem.

It was a tough week, I think.

I fell asleep early a lot of days this week. I think it was the drive to the client’s office that was tiring me. Luckily, I don’t feel that tired. Hopefully, all the sleeping worked.

I learned a lot this week. It helped that I had the opportunity to teach the new staff. Even if they didn’t learn that much, I can always lie to myself and imagine I had a severe impact in their lives. That helps. I learned a good about how to test construction revenues. That was great. I’m on the client for another week and a half. I’m excited to see how they turn out.


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