First Trip Home

That tab has been open for almost an entire week, but I haven’t gotten around to writing it.

Life hasn’t gotten in the way. I just haven’t had the strength to write it. I spent most of the week working from home. I would type all day. At the end of the day, I would pack up my computer, but I wouldn’t have the strength to flip open the other computer and write this out. The crazy part was I liked it. I liked all the work.


I went home this Thanksgiving break.

I hadn’t planned to go back, but the Monday before Thanksgiving I saw a movie that made me homesick. I went home and bought plane tickets that evening.

It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

My flight to Dallas was at 7am on Thanksgiving Day. I arrived at noon. The taxi driver almost killed me. He ran a red light.

Anyway, when I arrived at home my Pops was so surprised. He let me in, of course, and then called my mom and sisters in from the garage. He didn’t tell them I was there, he just yelled. When my mom came in and saw me, she cried. My Pops also wiped away some tears.

I didn’t think it was such a big deal. It had only been 4 months since I saw them and I was going to see them in a month anyway.

I didn’t remember that Thanksgiving was such a big holiday in my house. For the longest time, my family has gotten together on Thanksgiving and had a decent sized dinner, with a turkey included. We would also watch the Dallas Cowboys game and be thoroughly disappointed when they lost.

It was just as big as Christmas to us.

It was definitely one of the best decisions I made, all life long.

Money is always in the way, but family is forevers.

Errrr, something like that.


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