First Time Back

I’m back in Dallas for the next few days, but that is way ahead of where I want to start.

A couple of things happened after the last time I wrote.

First, there was an audit group staff meeting the Friday of the week I had those observations. The meeting was fine. The content wasn’t overly interesting or impact full, but it was cool to see everyone in the audit group. The meeting did cover some office growth type statistics, which did make me feel good because they were mostly positive. It makes me feel good about the next couple of years. I’m thinking I will stay in LA for at least a couple of years. Hopefully I can stay.

Holiday Party – wanted to go alone. needed to go alone. swanky hotel in north hollywood. it had a great view. too bad it was cold that day. there was a strong breeze that killed the rooftop scene. mingled. I had met a lot of people. I was worried because I had initially only worked with people from the Orange County office.

met the guy who took his wife. He was really nervous. that’s how I thought I would be. I wanted practice so that I wouldn’t end up like this guy. not that it’s bad to be this guy. I felt nervous. I was uncomfortable, but I took it one moment at a time. Moved from conversation to conversation.

I made it. I had a good time. I won a prize. I re-met people. Didn’t embarrass myself. I’m glad I went by myself.

The week after was a bit of a mess. I was on a client to do some planning/interim work. This client was on my schedule a few weeks back, but they ended up not being ready and were moved to this week. The manager was busy, so it was just me out at the client. They ended up not really being ready. I really need the trial balance, but didn’t get that until Tuesday afternoon. Then I didn’t get anything on Wednesday. I got some stuff on Thursday afternoon, but it wasn’t very useful. The manager and I were tired of waiting for the necessary items, so I left Thursday afternoon.

I’m not looking forward to this client during busy season. I don’t believe they will get us what we need on time and that’s going to make it a giant headache.

The worst part was a drive. 30 miles, but took at least an hour. morning traffic is no joke. I left at 10am once and it still took an hour and 5/10 minutes. The traffic on Wednesday afternoon was so bad that I went to the movies instead of driving back at 6pm. I saw The Good Dinosaur. It was a good decision

Friday was interesting. I went to see the Star Wars movie at 8am. I saw it in 2D. It looked really good. I saw it again today and I’m still not sure how I feel. I want to say I really liked it, but I can’t get past the fact that the entire story line is A New Hope. The 3D looked fine. I preferred the movie in 2D.

So after that Friday morning, which consisted of popcorn for breakfast, I had brownies for lunch. I also went home and packed. It didn’t take as long as I though tit would. I brought a lot of stuff. That was surprising. My roommate had said school was over at noon or 1pm. I don’t remember. Either way, there was a staff luncheon after the end of class, which I figured would take like an hour right?

Anyway, I was ready by 1pm, but my roommate texted me that the luncheon was starting at 1pm and then she would need an hour to finish packing when she got home. So that meant we would be leaving around 3pm. I stayed awake until around 2pm. I napped until 4pm. When I got up there was a ton of traffic. I thought about leaving instead on Saturday morning. Then BOOM! I decided against it and left around 4:30pm.

What a mistake. It took around 4 hours to go 100 miles. It was a big mistake. Almost not worth it. I say mistake because if I had left at 2:00pm, those 100 miles would have taken like 2 hours and I would have been much more rested.

I was really hungry after those 4 hours, so I stopped at a Chilis. I ended up driving all night. I swapped out with my roommate in the morning. I arrived in Dallas at 7pm, right when the Cowboys game started. They had another heartbreaking loss. It sucked.

It felt really weird being back at my house. I stayed in my old room, which is currently my youngest sister’s room, because she was in Mexico. The room smelled weird. There was a bunch of girly stuff everywhere. The bed felt weird too. I did end up cleaning the room. The smell receded.

I was there for 4 days and it took all 4 days to feel just bleh.


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