Girls, Here and There

A) When I was an inventory count last month, I talked to a girl who worked at the warehouse.

I got there at 9am, started counting around 10am, and was there until around 7pm. We started talked after lunch. She was counting things too. A few other people were counting too, but she and were counting the same stuff.

The conversation started fairly smoothly. We got the names out of the way quickly. She said her nickname was Blue, because she had some blue hair. Although, in retrospect, I don’t remember her real name. Actually, it’s better for the image in my head if I don’t know her real name. Anyway, we talked through out the afternoon. It was cool.

It reminded me of a time in college when I was volunteering at place that sent books to inmates to help them rehabilitate and I talked to a girl for a couple of hours. Before I left, I talked to the people in charge, I think it was so they could sign a volunteer form. As I was about to leave the building, I hear a Hey. I turn. The girl asked if I was leaving and I smiled and said yea, bye. I turned and left.

It occurred to me later that I probably could have got that girl’s number. It occurred to me before I left the warehouse that I could probably get this girl’s number, but I didn’t go for it. This girl lived a solid 90 miles from me and that’s not going to work for my life. I don’t want to make life that complicated.

B) A girl talked to me while I was at my company’s holiday party last month. She came up to me, asked how it was going. I said fine. Then she leaned into me and said she thought I was hot. Err, that sounds too boastful. She was drunk. Her friend was with her and immediately apologized after she did/said that. I told her not to worry about it and that I was flattered. We talked over each other and I ended the conversation wishing her good luck taking care of her friend.

She didn’t really think I was hot. She was drunk. But, I thought about it later that night and I don’t I would have believed her even if she wasn’t drunk.

I’m not a hot guy.  I don’t think I am. I can’t risk living my life thinking I’m attractive. I need to live my life with that chip on my shoulder so I can work hard. If some crazy series of events suggested I might be attractive, then I would start slacking in life. I can’t have that. Like I said, I can’t risk it.

It’s not like I have bad self-esteem. I just can’t think I’m attractive.

C) I was in Mexico a few week ago and I didn’t talk to any girls.

Girls in Mexico are always a strange proposition. First, they could be from Mexico, which is a problem. I wouldn’t consider a girl 90 miles away. I’m not going to consider a girl in different country. Although, I go during vacation season, when a lot of Americans return to the town. So I guess I could talk to a girl who is from Dallas, Houston, Chicago, or Nebraska. The appeal of that would be that 1) at least we grew up in America and 2) at least our parents grow up in the same town, so we would end up going back to the same place for the holidays.

But! the problem with that is that I am awful at guessing the ages of girls. I would hate to start talking to a girl and realize she’s younger than . . . 21. Or what if she was still in high school?!? Ewwww.

Anyway, in Mexico, the popular thing is to go to the plaza in the evenings. Everyone is there. There is live music, carnival games, and food. It is the place to be.

My last night there, I played futbolito with my sisters to spend the last of our pesos. It wasn’t too busy, so it was pretty easy to see everything that was going on and easy to see the people playing at the other fubolito tables.

We’re having fun burning through our pesos. My sisters are beating me at futbolito because they are both playing me at the same time. Another family takes the table next to us and the girl closest to me, diagonally across from me, catches my eye. She was pretty. I couldn’t help glancing at her between games. She said some stuff in English, so I think she was American. She was wearing a short shirt and I caught a glimpse of her shiny belly button ring. She also had a flat stomach with those like ab lines, which are insanely hot.

I can’t remember if we left before she did.

I didn’t mind because of the overriding age considerations I described above. Although, after I left I saw my uncle and went to talk to him for a bit before leaving the plaza for good. While we were talking, I saw that girl pass by drinking an alcoholic drink. I don’t think I can automatically assume she’s 21, but I would think it’s probable.

After I walked home, I wondered if anything could have worked with her. People text, facetime/skype, and I’m old enough to travel now. It bothered me that I didn’t give it a chance though. The next day I was leaving back to Dallas. I woke up and it bothered me the entire day.

That one stuck with me

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