Casa del Pintor

I went to Mexico for the weekend.

I have a client who manages and operates stores in Mexican resorts. They were doing their year-end count this weekend and I had to be there. Point is I got a free trip to Mexico.

It was all really pretty. I had never been to fancy Mexico. I knew it was supposed to be beautiful and now I can confirm it.

There were a ton of tourist around. I ended up having breakfast, dinner, and then lunch at this restaurant next to my place. The serving/cooking staff was real nice. They seemed like good people.

Since there were a lot of tourists, the server asked me if I was Mexican. I said kinda. My parents are from San Luis and I was born in Dallas.

The server said, “nah, eso no es nada. Eres Mexicano”.

That cut me pretty deep, in a good way.

I felt included and accepted, even though we had few related experiences. Honestly, I was a bit shocked, but it was nice.

I think I’ll go back soon. On my own dime. Hopefully I get to go back next year.


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