Spilt Coffee Day

The day didn’t start off too great.

I overslept. I had to shower quickly and get to the car fast. I ended up getting in the car at the usual time, but I would have liked more time to reflect, or to have left about 15 minutes earlier. Either way, the drive wasn’t too bad. It’s actually pretty relaxing nowadays.

The day got worse though. I went to the usual coffee place. I ordered my coffee and prepped it. I went to put the lid back on the coffee and I spilt it. I knocked it over. I’m pretty sure it caught on my cuff-link, and BOOM, it fell over.

So I go to the barista and ask him for a rag so I can clean up the spill. He says not to worry about it and that they will do it. Then he says he’ll get me another coffee and started pouring it. He gave me another cup of coffee for free.

I go back to the little prep table to prep my coffee again. At this point another barista came by and started to clean up. I was just about to put the lid on the coffee when another customer lady came by and said, “oh, who did this?” with such an attitude. I smiled to myself and looked up. The barista said, “Well at least it wasn’t on the floor. Then I would have had to mop. This way it’s easier to clean.”

Then I really smiled and left.

I was so disappointed in myself. I beat myself up constantly when I do something bump into something, lose my balance, or mistime reaching for a door handle. This one hurt.

Luckily my associate talked me out of it. She said these things happen, which is true, but it helps to hear someone else say it.

People are always harder on themselves, than if they were complete strangers.


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