The New Rejection

I don’t think I have been rejected in a while.

The last couple of times I have been up for acceptance, things have gone well. For example, I applied for this job and got it. I applied for a car loan and got it. I have gotten lost of credit cards.

How many opportunities are there out there for rejection? I don’t really talk to girls, so I haven’t had them reject me. Actually, my last rejection was by a girl. But other than that, I don’t really think there are a lot of opportunities for rejection. It’s not like when you walk into the store, the cashiers can say No, we won’t sell you this.

This week was strange.

I went to an open house last weekend and almost fell in love with the house. I have been looking at house for a month or two and this one was almost perfect. It was cheaper than all of the other houses in this nice neighborhood. It had two mature orange trees (free oranges!!). It was on the side of a hill (reminded me of my grandma’s house). It was great.

So I applied for pre-approval on a loan for the house. That was my Monday. Tuesday evening the loan officer that was helping me called me with options. I for sure qualified for an FHA loan. He wanted me to officially apply for a standard loan, but he was looking at some income to debt rations and said that if I applied, I might get rejected.

He also said that a buyer usually looks down on an FHA loan. That they usually don’t take those seriously. He said that we should try for the standard loan and if we get that, then I might have a chance at the house. Then I reached out to the real estate agent, who said there were about 20 offers on the house.

I became discouraged. I don’t have the best offer. It’s an FHA loan. It’s not that much down. I’m sure someone has offered more. My only shot is that everyone else started their offers low with the idea that they would negotiate to a higher price that they would accept. Since my offer is kinda my maximum offer, I need everyone else’s initial offers to be so low that mine looks great. That’s my only shot.

That doesn’t seem likely. So I am discouraged.

This is probably my first rejection in years. My last rejection must have been in 2012, when I didn’t get a follow-up interview for an audit associate position with KPMG. Hmm, life turned out great from that rejection. Oh snaps, maybe life will turn out great after this housing rejection.

Blah, anyway, I was trying to get to how I’m not good with rejection.

I blame, well, myself. I think. Hmmm, I guess I don’t really know who I blame. It’s not those girl’s fault they rejected me. They just didn’t like me that way, right?  Maybe there’s no one to blame and it’s just how life happened. Although, I feel like I should blame someone. My reactions to rejection aren’t exactly healthy and I think that means I should blame someone.

Either way, I’m mature enough to say that rejection changes me. It changes my thinking. All of a sudden a decision that is like 25/75, that I wouldn’t take in a million years seems like a great idea and I take it.

Taking it back home, I’m not sure what I’ll do about the house. Twenty offers are a lot of offers. The pessimistic side of me says my offer sucks, there are better offers, and lets not waste our time. The optimistic side of me says it’s worth a try. The worst they can say is no.

I have to be mature enough to accept reject.


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