Busy Season Weekend

It was a long week.

I ended up working most of it. I did that thing were I log in to my work computer and open up some stuff, get half done, and then get up to do some laundry. I’ll get back to work for another hour, then do some ironing. Work. Go to lunch. Work. Take a nap. Work. Workout.

That’s how I spent both days. So I got stuff done, but I didn’t really stop the entire weekend. Now it’s the longest time before more possible weekend.

It was kinda my fault though. We got out early Friday afternoon and I didn’t work that afternoon or evening. I could have done some of the work I did on Saturday on Friday afternoon, but oh well. I was tired on Friday.

Anyway, the house. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Its status has changed to contingent. The bigger impact is that I can’t buy a house in that neighborhood. That was the cheapest house in that neighborhood. I either have to start looking in a cheaper neighborhood, or drop the idea of buying a house. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but I will definitely think about it.

Like I said, I spent the weekend sprinkling in random stuff during my work. I successfully did some laundry and ironed, of which I’m not a fan. I went grocery shopping. I cooked some food for the week. I watched a lot of football. I swept and vacuumed. It was a successful weekend. Although, I should have made some time to clean my car. It’s so dirty, inside and out.

Blah, well that’s it. I don’t have to be at the client’s office until 10:30am, so I’ll have a late start to the day. The office is only 30 miles away, but there is no escaping traffic, so it will take an hour and half to get there.

Fun Fact: I slept on the couch this weekend for no good reason. I just didn’t want to sleep in my bed.

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