The Confirmation Day

I came back to Dallas for my sister’s confirmation.

It was a rough start. My flight arrived at 10pm, but I was home by 11:30pm. The problem was that it was 9:30pm in my head and! that I had slept on the plane for like an hour. So I couldn’t get to sleep until around 1:30pm and we had to get up around 6:30am. Long story short it was 5 hours of sleep and it all morning after I had woken up I thought it’s 4am.

Confirmation is a churchy thing, so there was a mass involved. I went. It was a weird English/Spanish combo mass. That made it more interesting. It was the first time in a couple of months that I had gone to mass. This time the mass felt so strange. Before, I usually let my mind wander and look around at all the people who are also at mass. But yesterday, I looked around and didn’t feel like I was part of the mass. I felt like I was only observing it. It felt like a show. I don’t know when I’ll be back at church for a mass, but I am curious as to how I will feel then.

We got back from the mass and had lunch. I had a really small portion of food. It satisfied my hunger, but I ended up hungry after 3 or 4 hours. After lunch, two things came up. The TV in my old room was broken and I wanted to go for a jog. I started taking the TV apart and texted my cousin to see if he wanted to go for a jog. He did, so we went for a jog.

It was nice jogging around the old park. It looked just like I remembered. It felt like I remembered, humid. It was also nice because my cousin and I got a chance to talk. It was a good time to catch-up. I hadn’t seen him for 4 months and stuff had changed. He looked the same, but felt different. It was a pretty quick jog, but it was cool.

After that, I came home and finished off the TV job. It turns out the Volume Up button was stuck. When you turned the TV on it would raise the volume to the max level and the volume status bar would stay on the TV, kind of like if you were still pressing the up button on the control. I thought the button might be stuck, so I tried to unjam it. It wasn’t jammed, so I ended up just breaking the button. Not the real button, but the cover that goes over the button. Once that didn’t work, I decided to take off the back cover of the TV so I could get at the little circuit board where the buttons are attached. That took a while. I actually took the back cover off right before the jog.

When I got back from the jog I started messing with that little circuit board. It looked dirty, so I wiped it with some alcohol on a Q-tip. It didn’t seem to work. oh, I had the TV on so I could see if the volume status bar would go away. It didn’t work when I wiped the board, so I decided to mess with the actual button. I wedged it a bit with a screwdriver and then started swabbing at it with the alcohol Q-tip. That seemed to work. Actually, I did this before the jog too, because I remember leaving the TV on while I went for the jog.

So I came back from the jog and the TV was still good, so I started putting it back together. It’s still working.

After that, I showered and it was party time.

It was just like all those other parties we used to have. Lots of food. Lots of people over. We mostly just talked and joked around. It was a good time.

Now it’s time to go back to California and I am totally ok with that.


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