Back at Marriot

Today I woke up early to get to the airport.

I needed to go to a client in San Jose. The flight was super short. The client is pretty interesting and the boss man on the job is pretty cool.

After work, we went to our hotel and it was Marriot. After we checked in, I went to the room. I was not prepared to walk into that room. I know this is a chain hotel, so the rooms look alike, but man that was like walking into a memory. 

I had two competing memories. So first it was a flashback to the times I would stay at Marriotts when I was with RK. It felt like busy season in Conroe again. The second memory was of last summer, since I only stayed at Marriotts and since this was a strange land to me. 

I’m out of here on Wednesday, probably, although the boss man says we can leave early if we finish the work early. 

I wonder when I’ll check into a Marriot next. 


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