Getting Yelled at

It wasn’t me. 

We’re out in San Jose working on a client. The CFO comes by our conference room in the afternoon. He quickly says hello and then asks my boss man to stop by his office later to talk about something. 

The boss man goes to his office about an hour later and comes back like in 30 minutes. He said the CFO was yelling at him. Not about him specifically, but still. It’s yelling.  
My boss man ending calling his boss man so everyone knew that the CFO was mad. He kinda joked about the yelling, but it still sucks. I brought it up at dinner to get a bit of back story. He brought it up yesterday morning. 

He said, my goal for the day is to not get yelled at. Which! I remembered has been one of my stated long time goals. Don’t get yelled at. 

I think I’m doing fine with that.

I do distinctly remember the last three times I was yelled at. First, two years ago during busy season and client yelled at me on the phone for about 5 minutes. Second, four years ago a cyclist yelled at me in Central Park. Third, shit it must have been almost eight years ago, lady in a car yelled at my while I crossed the street down in Orange County. 

I think that’s it. 


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