12 Days to Go

I’ll move out of my apartment in twelve days.

At some point soon, I should start planning and packing. I figure I’ll do it next weekend, because the weekend seems like a good time to do that and because there’s still one left.

Nothing has happened the last couple of days. i flew in from San Jose on Thursday. My flight was delayed so I got home late-ish. It was like 10:30pm. Friday I worked from the office for the day. There was a happy hour in Century City, so I went down there for that. It went well. I talked to people. Nothing too important or crazy happened. I did have some late night In N Out. That was delicious.

Saturday, I stayed in the apartment most of the day. I had a huge headache starting around noon. It made me dizzy too. It was weird. I went away around 6 or 7 pm. Then I went grocery shopping and to get some Taco Bell. The Taco Bell was disappointing. I watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch for a bit.

Today I woke up to watch the Manchester United vs Leicester City game. I bet it would be a tie and it was. I bet big on that game because I fucked up all the other bets this weekend. Literally, I got them ALL wrong. It sucked. But once I won the Manchester United bet, I was even again. Then I jogged and went to the movies to watch Keanu. It was ok. Then came back and finished my laundry and made lunch. Then watched some of my shows on Hulu and read some newspapers.

Now I’m here about to go get some gas and some dinner.

I think it was a good day. Very relaxing.


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