The Inbox

Nothing exciting happened to me today.

The emails I got today were the most exciting thing to happen to me. Sorry, the emails weren’t that exciting. It was the fact that I only like 4 emails today. They were, in order of excitement from least to most, the following:

      1. The last email of the day was a returned confirmation. It came back in good order, so all I had to do was pop it in the file and put a bit of documentation on it. It took like 15 minutes to address and it was over.
      2. The second email of the day was an HR system generated email that said my semi-annual performance review was open to complete. It also said I had until May 13th? to complete it. Completing that review will be a fun morning or afternoon. I’m going to give myself somewhere between a C+ and  an A+. Just kidding. That’s not the rating scale.
      3. The pen-ultimate email was to set-up a room reservation for Monday. I failed. I had to ask an administrative assistant for help. That seems like a B-, tops.
      4. The first email of the day wasn’t a good one. It was from one of my bossmans. He said that I had booked my time to the wrong code and to watch out for that in the future. This is a good guy, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it in a “hey dumbass” kind of way. I know he’s just looking out. But, that’s not how my brain takes it. It takes it as, “What kind of idiot are you? Clocks also only have two hands and even they can keep time. Are you stupider than a clock?” Anyway, I wrote back to the bossman and said sorry and thanks.

Now that I typed them out, I realize they’re also in order of self-hatred, from least to most.

Yea, that was most of my day.

Another exciting moment was when, as I was leaving, my co-worker told me there were extra bunt cupcakes from yesterday in the refrigerator. I went to the kitchen. The refrigerator was empty and the cupcake box was in the trash. I was disappointed. All that excitement and disappointment happened in a span of 2 minutes.

Tomorrow should be more exciting. Because . . . Friday?


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