Four Floors Below

Something surprised me today. It was me.

There are parts of my job that are repetitive. Maybe repetitive is not the right word. Parts of my job are recurring. That is because most audits follow the same pattern. You plan them. You test the significant accounts. You fill out conclusion workpapers.

The planning has a few key parts. Those key parts vary slightly by client, but I have done them enough, in different ways, to not worry about them. Testing the significant accounts is the biggest part of the audit. Most areas are, this is the right time to say it, repetitive. The clients are different enough to make one or two of those testing areas different and exciting. The conclusion stuff is usually the boring stuff. That can change based on how the testing goes, but at that point of the audit you kinda just want it to be over.

Sometimes you get thrown some thing different. It’ll be something that completely changes planning, or the testing. You’ll have to do beginning balance testing, or a liquidation audit, or a quarterly review, or something. Or it’ll be something different enough to be exciting and to make me extremely nervous.

I’ll be nervous from the moment they tell me about the work until I actually start it.

Today I started one of those different types of clients, but surprisingly I wasn’t nervous. I hadn’t been nervous the days before today. I didn’t notice it until I was driving back home this afternoon. Also, I think I wasn’t nervous because it was on a bit of a short notice. They told me about this work on Thursday of last week. So I only had about 4 days to think about it and two of those days were weekend days.

Either way, I think this might be sign that I am growing, you know professionally.

It’s a strange feeling.

oh, and the different work we were doing was at another public accounting firm’s office. Their office was in the same building as ours but four floors down.


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