The Four Guys

I did some touristy stuff today. 

An old friend was in town. He’s from DC. He brought two of his friend with him. They wanted to do the tourist things. We walked up to the Hollywood sign. It was a hike, but it was pretty cool. After that we went to the Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, and Roosevelt Hotel. All cool stuff. We got some dinner and then bought some liquor for make drinks back at the place. 

Then it got a little annoying. I was all checked out. I was ready to shower, relax, and go to sleep. 

But one of the guys invited his other friend who lives here in LA. The dude came over and, damn, he is annoying. 

This guy is the exact opposite of the other three guys. He’s loud, boisterous, opinionated, and it’s downright annoying. He is literally, literally, my worst nightmare. 

They’re talking about hanging out tomorrow. I will have to ditch them, if they’re with him.  I can’t handle this guy. 


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