The Camaro Comments

Recently, I was feeling a bit down about my Camaro.

It feels like it’s taken a beating. It hasn’t been washed or cleaned in months. Inside or out. I wouldn’t say it’s gross. I don’t think I would ever say that, but it has seen nicer days. I have felt bad that I haven’t paid to have it cleaned, or cleaned it myself.

It was always so difficult to do at the apartment. There was no real space to do it. I would have to go up three flights of stairs if I ever forgot anything during the cleaning process. It would be rough. Now, I don’t have an excuse. Now, I can clean the car fairly easily myself.

Anyway, a couple of people caught me by surprise recently.

Last week, at a new client’s office, the accounting manager complimented my Camaro. She came into the audit room while I was out. When I returned, she asked me if that was my Camaro outside. I said yes and she proceeded to tell me that her daughter was going to get a Camaro but the blind spots were too big. So she got something sensible instead.

She said it looked nice, about two times, and then left. On my way out of the office that day, she complimented the car again and said it looked really nice (which I didn’t think so, because it was really dirty).

Then while I was moving, I rented out a U-Haul truck. The rental guy walked me to truck and had me turn it on. I told the guy the truck felt very weird because there was no clutch. He said he was glad someone was still driving stick. He asked what car it was and I said Camaro. He said that must be fun, congratulations, and to enjoy myself.

It was two compliments within 3 days of each other. It made me realize that I was lucky to have that car.


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