House Tired

I’m tired.

It’s been a busy two weeks. There was the weekend when I moved into the house and showed my friend around LA. The work week that followed that weekend was tough. The client I was on for that week, which I’m still on, is by LAX. It’s only 20 miles away, but it takes at least an hour to get there in the morning if I leave before 7am.

My phone fucked me over last Thursday and said it was ringing, but it wasn’t making any noise. That day I left a bit before 7:20am and I didn’t get to the client’s office until 9:15am. It sucked.

So after a week of doing that, the weekend was busy too. I needed to change the locks on the house. I still needed to clean it. I needed to finally wash my car, inside and out. I needed to unpack. I needed to watch some TV. It was a long weekend.

I got most of it done, but I still have a big list of stuff to do. Like a haircut would be nice.

This week I’m down at LAX again. Back to complaining for a minute. Man, it takes a lot of time out of my day to get there and back. I can wake up early to avoid traffic. I end up at the client’s office early, like before 8am, but then it’s not like I can leave at 5pm. I guess I could, but if I did it would take me an hour and 30 minutes to get back home. If I wait until 7, it’ll take 50 minutes to get back home. I don’t know. It can get too stressful if I think about it.

Anyway, I get home and have a few hours to try to do stuff. I end up eating, watering the lawn, and watching some TV.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend. It’ll be an extra day when I can nap and try to fix some stuff at the house. I can clean a bit and maybe read a book or finally get those last 4 badges.


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