Two Sad Times

Twice in the last three weeks I have been almost sad.

First it was last week at the office. And I was talking to the boss lady and it was lunch time, so she finished up and the meeting was over. She was going to go to lunch so I went back to my desk. then she grabbed two of the other staff who were in the office and they walked by my desk on the way to lunch. I sat at my desk as they walked by and for a moment, about 10 seconds after they passed, I felt sad. They didn’t invite me. The a few seconds into my feeling of sadness, after the magnitude of it hit me, the boss lady actually came back and asked if I wanted to go to lunch. And I said yes.

The second time was when I had to tell the boss man on the construction job was I was working on last year, around Thanksgiving time, that I wanted work on another job that would be at the same time. He asked me, if it came down to it, which job would you prefer and I said the other client. He started looking around for other people that made me sad that he was looking to replace me.

From a recent backlog of posts. Don’t rely on the references to time.


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