The Man from PG

I’m in San Jose this week for work.

Since the client is headquartered in Dallas, they sent a staff from Dallas to help out with the work. That isn’t all unfathomable. But it turned out it wasn’t some typical person from Dallas.

It was a guy who grew up around my neighborhood. He went to the schools in my neighborhood. He was from the hood. He left the place after he graduated school, but he returned to Dallas.

The guy was very similar to me and that is so strange to see here. It is so strange to see someone so similar doing the same thing I am doing. This is the fifth year that I’ll be doing this, at three (3) different companies, and it is the first time that I’ve met anyone like me.

The guy kinda looks like my cousin too.

That’s about it.

This was very more interesting in my head.


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