Productive Days

I heard one of the best skills for CEOs to have is the ability to sleep on a plane. Those who can, end up getting more sleep, and are more productive. I guess that doesn’t really add to the next paragraph, but it seemed interesting.

Yesterday wasn’t the most productive day. It was one of those days when I wanted to cram in all these things and I wasn’t disciplined enough to stick to a schedule. The schedule bent and broke.

You would think that by now I would know how I am productive and I would work to be productive.

I tried to be productive today. I went to the office so that I could avoid all these distractions at home. I think it worked. I had a few good hours where I clicked through stuff, signed off on things, and wrote emails.

I don’t want to go tomorrow, but I think I will. At least that increases the chances that I’ll be productive.

Also, I think I’ll take Friday off. That way I can relax before the big up coming weeks.

Man. Busy season will be here soon. Once we plunge into winter, busy season will be around the corner.


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